Good Morning 2nd Graders!

It's a beautiful Sunday morning and and as I sip my coffee ( ok, chug it) I'm thinking about the upcoming week so I thought I'd share my thoughts with you all.

By now, you all probably have seen the new folder that came home with your child on Friday.  This folder needs to be cleaned out and signed and returned on Monday.  I'm going to start using this to send home tests, quizes and any other papers that have been graded so that the daily folder is not so overloaded. Please take any papers out of the take home folder at the end of the week also.

The Golden Clip--These were given out on Friday if your child wrote neatly in his/her planner
AND came to school everyday with a signature.  I am working with them to print neatly so they can read what the homework is when they are at home since you are not with them at school and I can not write it for them.  If your child did not get a Golden Clip last week, they can earn it this week.  My goal is to have neat handwriting and…

Welcome to 2nd Grade!

Hello Parents!
I will update this blog each week about what we are doing in the classroom and about things we have scheduled in the near future.

Fundations- We have been reviewing over the past 2 weeks.  We will have our Unit 1 Test on Friday, September 29 and it will cover short vowel sound, consonant diagraph and blends, buddy letters, c,k,and ck words and trick words we have been learning.  If you want to review with your child the worksheets that have come home and will come home this week will be helpful.

Math-  We have been reviewing addition and subtraction equations and solving vertical equations and using math mountains to find missing addends and partners. Your child will have math homework every night,  but I always give at least 10 minutes at the end of class to get started  and many nights that is long enough to complete the homework if students use the time wisely. This homework is how I monitor student progress and if more practice is needed at school so it is very im…